Last winter photographer Martin Erd and three friends headed east to Iran. With many preconceived ideas of what Iran would be like, the small crew spent several weeks absorbing the Iranian culture and skinning for fresh lines in the Alborz Mountains to the north of Tehran. Their adventure was a real eye opener.
Pally Hi's graphics guru, Michi Hanauer, and his wife Bianca made the most of the Christmas break to take a dream splitboard trip in Romania's Carpathian Mountains. Fresh tracks by day and plenty of Sliwowitz at night, Romania looks like it's well worth a visit.
Engadin, a beautiful valley in the Swiss Alps, might be most famous for the skiing on offer on its towering peaks or the glitz and glamour of St. Moritz, but for outdoors fans and budding adventurers this mountain playground presents hundreds of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy nature.
Living hundreds of miles from the ocean and a good surf break is a surfer's worst nightmare. In Germany the surfers make use of their fast flowing rivers where they can pump turns down standing waves. The most famous river wave in Germany is right in the centre of the City of Munich. Our global surf adventurer Nic Spiers checked it out.
Everybody knows that wool and moths are a bad combination, but keeping them at bay doesn't require nasty pesticides. Nope, the essential oils naturally diffused by Cedar wood work great.
Simon Hehl is a rapid addicted Kayaker from Italy's mountainous Südtirol region. His summers are spent chasing rainfall throughout the alps in the pursuit of fast rivers, churning rapids and big waterfalls. "Paddler's Diary" follows Simon as he discovers new whitewater and competes in Europe's premier Kayaking contests. First stop, the Kayak Castle Rapid Race on the river Ahr.

Salty Souls

This is a story about a freedom. A story about getting lost and finding yourself in the deep blue ocean. It’s about sandy skin, salty hair, perfect and non-perfect waves, sunrises & sunsets, about waking up in remote places at the coast and endless roads. It’s about the sun, the ocean, the nature and the tides. It’s simply about passion and following salty dreams far away from everyday life.
After returning to Europe post a two month surf safari in Sri Lanka, Pally'Hi's one man wave-searching-machine, Nic Spiers, headed north to Wales in the UK to check-out it's latest tourist attraction, Surf Snowdonia.
The job of the photographer on any roadtrip is to capture the sense of adventure and the wild nature and landscapes. Last year talented photographer Michi Reinhardt joined P'H surf adventurer Nic Spiers in Ireland and took some wonderful shots.
More than 10,000 Kilometres through his epic Schliersee to Sydney cycle, Robert Eixenberger has just passed through Myanmar, formally known as Burma. It's country the size of France, sandwiched between India and Thailand, full of beautiful Buddhist temples and rich culture.
Last week Pally'Hi joined the Blank Plank Weekender in the Zillertal valley, Austria. The weekend, organised by Amplid, Pally'Hi's sibling company, was an opportunity for passionate snowboarders and skiers to shape a custom powder shred.
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