Not afraid to put his mountaineering skills to use, Austrian Stefan Filzmoser, scales some the Dolomite's most spectacular peaks to access a pair of the Alps' finest couloirs. Steep, narrow and, for Stefan at least, loaded with snow, these descents look like they were worth the hours of boot packing.
Hoping to get a little early season ice climbing under their belts before winter, P'H ambassador Stefan Filzmoser and his buddy Merlin venture south to the Austrian state of Carinthia to climb Hochalmspitze, the region's tallest peak.
Pally'Hi's Peter Bauer and handful of buddies made the drive last weekend to Laax in Switzerland to join the SuddenRush Banked Slalom. Organised by snowboarding legends Nicolas Mueller and Terje Haakonsen the Sudden Rush Banked has quickly become an unmissable event in the European Snowboard calendar.
Tim and Val, owners of the legendary Nomads Bus, an old US school bus turned hostel on wheels, spend the entire year enjoying outdoor pursuits and then cozying-up with their guests in the evening. They're the perfect ambassadors to prove that when it comes combining comfort, warmth and smelling good, Merino wool has no equal.
Pally'Hi ambassador Stefan Filzmoser travels to the Fanes Mountains in Südtirol, Italy, to scale the famous limestone slabs of the Dolomites. Its unique pitch and rock surface make the ascent of 2,968m high Neunerspitze (Sas dles Nü) a memorable climb.
Hiking in the Peak District is something I never thought would appeal to me, but at 34 years old the thought of a jaunt through the countryside with spectacular scenery, questionable company and great beer at the finish line, sounded great. So I packed a waterproof jacket, some hiking boots and a few merino layers and caught a flight to Manchester, UK, to sample the Pennines' famous footpaths.
Do you know the difference between Wool Felt and Felted Wool? Didn't think so. At Pally'Hi we use Felted Wool in our Boreal Weight fabrics, here are the reasons why.
Pally'Hi ambassador Richard Tilney-Bassett is a talented, young photographer traveling around the world by trading his photography skills for food, board and travel. Now almost a year deep in this project and way of life, Rich’s 62nd trade took him to Africa to work with the Uganda International Marathon.
Austrian Pally'Hi ambassador Stefan Filzmoser is always on an adventure, but whether he's hiking epic trails, climbing towering peaks or splitboarding in undiscovered zones, he never forgets to capture wonderful photos. In July, Stefan and his buddy Martin, set their sites on Piz Badile, a 3300m peak which straddles the boarders of Italy and Switzerland.

The Glass Passport

In the summer of 2016, professional photographer Richard Tilney-Bassett's decided to start something extraordinary. Trading his work as a photographer for room, board and travel, with clients ranging from brands to individuals and charities, Rich has been able to travel the world. We're delighted to welcome Rich to Pally'Hi as a brand ambassador.
After two weeks of beautiful spring days, winter has returned to Bavaria, bringing heavy snowfalls and bone chilling temperatures. Making the most of the perfect snowboarding conditions and longer days, a crew from Pally'Hi HQ headed to local resort Spitzingsee with the splitboards to poach some perfect pow.
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