Pally'Hi Proform Program



We know it very well - it’s expensive but necessary to replace your outdoor gear regularly if you work out in nature and your equipment is the tool of your trade.

That’s why if you’re an instructor, guide, photographer, journalist, industry peer or a cool person with influence in our market, Pally'Hi will consider offering you a discount. The discount offered will depend on your impact on the market and the relevance of your job within the outdoor industry.

Just fill out the form below and if your credentials are genuine we’ll get back to you within a day or two with a personal discount code for you to use in our online store (Pally'Hi reserves the right to refuse applications).


Privacy Information:

By clicking the tick box down below, you consent to the use of your submitted data by Amplid GmbH for the purposes of qualification for Amplid’s reduced pricing ambassador program (here-in referred to as “proform”).

Successful applicants must update their personal information yearly by visiting the Pally'Hi/Amplid proform website. The accounts of proform members that do not update their personal information and renew their “membership” yearly will have their accounts deleted 18 months after registering. Applicants whose accounts expire must reapply. Amplid reserves the right to terminate proform membership and members may terminate their membership at any time by emailing support(at) 

Pally'Hi Proform Program
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