Alaska: Airplane & Sleds

Watch Amplid ambassador Ben Reynolds, pilot Pryce Brown and buddies in this little adventure movie.

Ski planes, sleds, big mountains, skis/snowboards. What's not to like? We had more tricky conditions this year, but we certainly made the best of it. No helicopters were used in the making of this video.
With snow falling across North America and the pre-season stoke in full swing, I figured it was time to get last spring's edit done. Thanks a ton to @gregstaffordphotography for getting the ball rolling on the editing this year. The sled-ski program went on as it always has for the last 10 years, but now with the addition of my ski plane. This added another layer and more potential for scouting new zones and using the combined resources to go further, faster. We had a seriously weird and cold snow year where the upper elevation walls didn't hold snow the same and we were dealing with more general instability than usual. This meant we were backing down off more stuff and treading more cautiously, and were more limited in what zones were filled in. I'm calling it a semi-dry run for next season as we get things more dialed, and we still were able to ski some pretty fantastic spots.
Due to Covid, group sizes were smaller this year, but most of the usual suspects managed to make an appearance. Really great seeing everybody, and I can't wait for the coming season. Be safe out there, guys and gals!

Alaska Airplane & Sled Skiing || Spring 2021 from Pryce Brown on Vimeo.