It has snowed all night and we go through our daily morning routine in the larger of the two Hymer Mobiles: coffee, muesli, Nutella bread, another coffee, cat shower, then prepare snowboard gear. It's the 5th day, Serbia the 5th country on our road trip to northern Macedonia on the hunt for undiscovered powder pockets in the Balkans. So far, our expectations have been more than exceeded...

Kosovo Powder

Last February I happened to experience the best week of snowboarding in my 30 years of riding sideways. It took place in a hidden powder bowl below the Gjeravica mountain in Kosovo. Maybe not known to many, but the Adriatic coastal mountain range happens to get huge powder storms when conditions click. Imagine Japan quality powder but 2 hours flight from Munich...
Personal Thoughts: There’s something about hoping on an Amplid that just sticks out. They have this lively yet damp ride that makes them predictable but stable. Like a well oiled machine that you’ve worked with a thousand times. This is their deep day gun and getting it into above knee deep snow was ideal for testing it. If you have an Amplid and need a deep days deck then yes this is something to look at, if you don’t, well you can watch the review and imagine yourself on a deep day with it.
The idea of an all-mountain snowboard is not new, however, it has always been combined with losses, on either end. More nose for floatation in powder came along with a flappy groomer experience. But a stubby hard tip simply sucks on deep days. And too much of a directional tapered geometry ended up feeling weird when riding switch. However that dream of “one board in the trunk only” has never lost its fascination...
The Milligram and Millisurf proved that splitboard weight can be dramatically reduced without sacrificing charismatic board-feel, all-conditions capability and durability. Beneath its sleek carbon skin is a weightless core, pieced together from ultra-light wood varieties and honeycomb. Impact Pads protect your shred from dings without a weight penalty. Week-long adventures or a quick after-work dash from the trail head, you’ll soon appreciate the weight advantage...

Outdoor Vibes

Outdoor vibes with Pally'Hi Merino ... your everyday adventures don't happen up at Mt. Everest. Thanks to Aris Giannoukos for the great production work and Maria Tetou for the passionate assistance.
Here comes Marc Grossgasteiger's "personal" full part of "Miles Away"... Sometimes we all desire to be far away from our comfort zone. We think that we don’t need to be necessarily so far off to feel miles away from the daily life. We are used to travel in such fast rhythm that we almost forget to have a closer look at what is surrounding us. It’s possible to travel deeper, slower with an open mind.
How would the outdoor world be without photos and videos, stimulating our day dreams and catering food for our neverending hunger for freedom. But who is taking those images? What kind of people are on the other side of the lens? How is their everyday job routine? What equipment does it require to get those beautiful shots?


Siberia has something magical, you can only catch it by living it. Here is Gwen's and Ana's adventures, travelling to Baikal. A trip created by simple but impressive elements: Perfect powder, a frozen lake, a tiny cabin, a train ride and amazing local people.
Ski planes, sleds, big mountains, skis/snowboards. What's not to like? We had more tricky conditions this year, but we certainly made the best of it.
With snow falling across North America and the pre-season stoke in full swing, I figured it was time to get last spring's edit done...
Some time ago we edited together part of our South America video footage to make the short film "Collect Memories Not Toys". The original intention was to create a longer documentary with a professional post-production. But it is not so easy to find someone who wants to do it and we would have to invest countless hours to get a good result. We don't find the time in our everyday lives and we don't want to keep the pictures and our experiences from you, our followers, any longer.
Interested in other peoples impression of our boards? Here comes Malcolm Moore - but let's the pictures do the talking...
Eixi a.k.a. Robert Eixenberger paddled with his kayak from Schliersee to the Black Sea. In his equipment: Several video cameras and a drone. For five weeks, the cameras were his only witnesses on this adventurous journey from the Schlierach via the Mangfall, Inn and finally the Danube to just before the Black Sea - over 2000 kilometres, alone by kayak. And obviously geared up with Pally'Hi Merino.
This entire family has a different approach to the boards’ tech specs matching the riders bio specs. It’s not a conventional product line, where you find one board in 3 lengths and widths! It’s a line where you find several different models, in one length each – and I’m confident you’ll find a geometry to add to your quiver as well. At least one !!!
When photographer Hansi Heckmair returned from his latest trip to the Faroer Islands, he was speechless. Was it the weather, the solitude, the light, the people (is in "no people")? We had to look up the www, and what we found is quite simple, and can be put down in 20 points...


We have shipped a Test Pilot Board to Boris Anthony, who is currently spending the winter in Japan. Next to very constructive inputs he has sent us this little clip. Attention: If you didn't get to ride pow in a winter wonderland this season - you'd better not watch this, as it might be too beautiful!


It’s very simple: This was the deepest day of the season! Watch Amplid founder Peter Bauer and teamrider Stewart Orr, snorkeling through serious pow. Big shout out to BK ( for filming in such damp and cold conditions and the excellent editing job. And to Pez at Hochkeil Resort for switching on the lifts, only for us.
Fjord Lines is a web series about splitboarding in Norway´s most spectacular mountain ranges. In this series snowboarder and Native Adventures guide Tron Dyb shares some of his adventurous days in the mountains with riding of both unnamed and classic lines around Norway.
Catboarding in Georgia is an absolute must. Georgia, the country on the Black Sea, nestled between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains, gets heavy snowfalls every winter and is still quite undeveloped except for a few areas. We first developed Bakhmaro with our partner and last season moved on to a completely new region behind Bakhmaro's mountains, Adcharia. We found perfect free freeride terrain, perfect for catskiing, in a cosy little mountain hut with an unforgettable panoramic view.


There are days (=and snow conditions) when you simply have to turn off your computer, cancel your meetings and go out for a ride. Nothing beats a good day out in the pow with the crew you work with. Two days ago was one of those days, with 40 cm of fresh and no other tracks except ours.
In snowboarding you have park kids, groomer fans, sidecountry riders, backcountry shredders, and "only a few" guys like Lauri Hilander (=yes, that is his real name!) from Finland, who have higher aims. Higher as in "above 8.000m". Follow Lauri during his prepping phase to splitboard up to Cho Oyu - and obvously ride it down along the tibetian side. Really cool and mellow vlog, reflecting Lauri's personality a 100%.
Amplid's "Between the Lines" wants to shed light onto the unknown stories happening in the backstage area of our snowboard life. What does it take to run a snowboard company? RnD to get the product right is one important task. Marketing as in "getting emotion into the brand" is another one. But one of the most important job is "sales". Have a look at this episode and listen to Amplid's "Big Wig of Sales" Gregor Common...
Renowned outdoor photographer Roman Königshofer's website starts like this: I live and breathe what I shoot and want the viewers of my work to emotionally connect to this vision, take them on a journey and inspire them to seek adventure for themselves. Authenticity is key in my life and work.


Imagine riding waist deep powder in August! You thought you have to travel to the southern hemisphere to do that? Not when the weather goes crazy like this summer in the Alps. Follow the Amplid x Pally'Hi crew on their little road trip to the Hintertux Glacier…
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