Video: The 22/23 SIngular Series

For Amplid, design tasks are welcome challenges. We love to develop snowboards for specific riding styles and terrains, but we also accept the challenge to create the perfect „one for all“ snowboard.
The idea of an all-mountain snowboard is not new, however, it has always been combined with losses, on either end. More nose for floatation in powder came along with a flappy groomer experience. But a stubby hard tip simply sucks on deep days. And too much of a directional tapered geometry ended up feeling weird when riding switch. However that dream of “one board in the trunk only” has never lost its fascination.
Following the search for the perfect “daily driver“, we feel it is our obligation to create the real swiss army knife for the true all mountain performance, with the smallest compromise losses.
Our design team has been studying intensively the bio specs of our customers and their resulting personal preferences regarding board specs over the past two years, getting stuck into rider data and developing statistical models on a quest for the perfect snowboard length and width. Wide enough to eliminate toe drag, but not so broad that edge-to-edge transitions become sluggish. Long enough to have enough edge support and floatation, but not too long to keep the deck nimble … it’s a tricky tightrope to navigate. A ton of research and number-crunching later and we’ve calculated, based on rider height, weight and boot size, what we believe are the optimum board specs, allowing us to kick out unnecessary board models and streamline Amplid’s collection to cover the broadest range of riders with one new quiver-killer.
But another topic of rather societal origin came into the game: Is it necessary to offer gender-specific boards? While women’s boards needed to have pink sidewalls and girly flowers a decade back, nowadays more and more women are searching for an alternative shorter length on the men’s shelf. On the other hand younger or lighter male riders were lacking offerings in their length range, but were not willing to jump on a women’s board, despite perfectly matching board specs.
For this project Amplid threw all kinds of ingredients into the pot: From space age dampening technology and futuristic geometry design to the analysis of modern riding styles; from subjective aesthetical laws to objective demographical data – just like obsessed alchemists, we are at the mercy of this task to build the best all-mountain snowboard the market has ever seen. Around 50 different prototypes later, and tons of testing with quite a broad field of riders, we have arrived at the destination: World, please say hello to the SINGULAR and the SINGULAR TWIN!

Presented by Amplid founder Peter Bauer
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