BACKSTAGE ACCESS – Feat. Balazs Kovacs

How would the outdoor world be without photos and videos, stimulating our day dreams and catering food for our neverending hunger for freedom. But who is taking those images? What kind of people are on the other side of the lens? How is their everyday job routine? What equipment does it require to get those beautiful shots?

With PALLY’HI BACKSTAGE ACCESS we would like to give you an insight view into our adventurous working days. Designing apparel, shooting catalogue images, operating social media, and many other topics.

This new episode is featuring professional photographer and filmmaker Balazs Kovacs. Why did he move from Hungary to Austria, what does he carry in his backpack, which are the biggest challenges in his job … watch to find out!

PALLY’HI BACKSTAGE ACCESS – Feat. Balazs Kovacs from Pally'Hi on Vimeo.