Bakhmaro - Catboarding in Georgia

Georgia? Well yes, that Georgia on the geographical borderline between Europe and Asia.

Catboarding in Georgia is an absolute must. Georgia, the country on the Black Sea, nestled between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains, gets heavy snowfalls every winter and is still quite undeveloped except for a few areas. We first developed Bakhmaro with our partner and last season moved on to a completely new region behind Bakhmaro's mountains, Adcharia. We found perfect free freeride terrain, perfect for catskiing, in a cosy little mountain hut with an unforgettable panoramic view. This is not a trip for luxury-oriented freeriders, but for guys and gals who are up for untracked mountains, want to get to know the country and its people and value cosiness. Not to forget the famous Georgian cuisine and the hospitality of the country.

A catski adventure for freeriders who value untouched lines and solitude. The terrain of the Little Caucasus is ideal for catskiing. Ascents by snowcat over ridges and descents through steep kettles and flanks make the area a freeride paradise. The location and climatic characteristics provide this region with abundant snowfall. A mix of forest runs and open slopes make this destination a weather-independent deep-snow adventure. Accommodation in a cosy mountain hut on top of the mountain, the snow groomer in front of the door and the table generously set with Georgian food and Georgian wine will make this trip unforgettable.

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