Munich to Venice in Pally'Hi

Most people wouldn't choose a Transalp hike from Munich to Venice as a way to relax, but bloggers Melanie and Barbara aren't most people. These two young professionals from Munich have decide to hike the 500km route through the Tirolean mountains in the space of 28 days. August would usually be a good month to bet-on for blue skys and warm weather, but this year the weather isn't playing ball. While you're complaining about your weekend BBQ plans going to pot, spare a thought for Melanie and Barbara who are probably 3,000 meters up where the temperature is verging on freezing and the weather is miserable. Anyway, Pally'Hi hooked-up the girls with some Merino clobber to keep them nice and warm, so although their extremities might be frostbitten, at least they'll be nice and warm at their core. Check-out their thoughts on their Pally'Hi gear here and keep an eye on the girls travels by reading their blog Wir Sind Lieber Draussan (which translates as "we'd rather be outdoors") here, but bear in mind that it's in German.