All Aboard the Nomads Bus

Pally'Hi is very pleased to welcome Tim and Val of the Nomads Bus to the family. The couple, who with their three year old daughter and dog Lewis, live aboard an old US School Bus and spend their winters making the most of the mountains surrounding the parking-lot they choose to make home for the night, The bus, which they were able to buy, import from the US and convert with the help of a crowd funding campaign, is not only their home, it's their livelihood, as the couple play host to up to six guests at a time in this mobile hostel. 



Val and Tim spend their days active in the mountains and their evenings lounging with their guests in the close-confines of the bus. They're very happy to find clothing that not only looks good, but offers performance during ski tours and summer hikes, but is also cozy and doesn't stink after a day of use.




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