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    Lazy Pants
    119,00 EUR
    Longsleeve "Psychocircle"
    99,00 EUR
    Global Hoodie Jacket
    169,00 EUR
    Longsleeve "Block"
    99,00 EUR
    Socken "Gauge"
    29,00 EUR
    AK ¾ Long John Pants
    99,00 EUR
    Beanie "Pimpom" Blue
    39,00 EUR
    Global Hoodie Jacket
    169,00 EUR
    • Splitboarding in our Backyard


      Testing our clothings functionality in the outdoors is one of the highlights of of working at Pally'Hi... although whether splitboarding in the Bavarian Alps is actually work is questionable. read more

    • Pally'Hi Supports Tailgate La Grave


      La Grave, a single lift resort on the backside of Les Deux Alpes, isn't just scary because of its name. Nope, it's scary because it has zero patrols, no marked trails, a large number of crevacces... read more

    • Snow is only frozen water? Water is only molten snow!


      While others wait for snow, Pally'Hi ambassador and filmer Mario Entero doesn't. He uses the canarian winter swells instead and gets under water shooting a commercial for ION-wetsuits. read more