Felted Merino Wool Jackets

Felted wool, occasionally known as boiled wool, is an incredible fabric. Hard wearing and extremely warm it’s an ideal year-round material for outdoor apparel and offers a serious hit of warmth as autumn becomes winter. 

What you probably didn’t know is that there’s a difference between Wool Felt and Felted Wool. Yep, although the two fabrics have a lot of similarities, there are distinct differences. Wool Felt consists of un-woven fibers to which heat, moisture and agitation are applied which causes the fibers to bond together to form a dense fabric. Felted Wool on the other hand starts with a woven wool fabric and a similar process is applied as a secondary step which causes the fibres to fluff-up, creating a thicker felt-like fabric.

Both have benefits, but at Pally’Hi we use Felted Wool fabrics in our Boreal weight jackets and shirts. Felted wool is hard-wearing and provides great insulation from the elements, much like Wool Felt, but it’s also a fabric which can be machine washed without catastrophic consequences. In fact, in our Felted Wool apparel we blend 60% Merino Wool with 40% Polyester to stabilize the fabric further. The result is a toasty warm, hardwearing fabric that looks and feels great.

So, if you’re simply looking for a cool, casual jacket to keep your warmth and comfort levels at a maximum through fall and into winter, or whether you’re after a performance-minded layer to add a big hit of extra warmth in harsh weather, check out the men’s Active Loiterer Jacket and Wood Blazer Heavyweight Shirt, and Pally'Hi's women’s Tresspassita Jacket.