Navigating the Middle East - Robert Eixenberger

Since my departure from Schliersee a lot has happened. Before long I’d left the Alps behind me and the Balkans beside me. By bombing the Kurds, the Turks had unfortunately reduced the only direct route to Iran to rubble; it was too dangerous for me to travel that way so I took the route via Georgia and Armenia. I was able to navigate to Georgia the entire way along the Black Sea coast, which has been an absolute dream; wild boar, wolves and other animals frequently came to visit me at my hidden camp sites. It made everything that little bit more adventurous! After a few thousand kilometres I rode into the country that interested me most, Iran. Iran exceeded by expectations, it was better than I could ever imagine. Iran is filled with honest and loving people, wonderful nature and an incredible number of cultural treasures. Next I crossed the border from a dreamland to the area of my journey which I considered to be the most, the district of Balochistan in Pakistan. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to discover Balochistan as I had the previous countries on my journet, as I was constantly accompanied by police protection. As you read this I am in Bangladesh, but I had to travel through India to get there. India was testing, the rubbish and smog destroyed my hope that this world might become healthy again, but the farther east I travelled, the cleaner the scenery and air became.


The arid mountains of Iran


A stunning sunset whilst journeying through Iran


Balochistan is a particularly dangerous part of Pakistan where an armed police escort was essential


The famously beautiful and tranquil Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan


The ancient Hindu temples at Khajuraho are a UNESCO World Heritage site

Throughout my journey I’ve been accompanied by my Pally`Hi clothes. They’ve been subjected to sweat, the forests and deserts, wind and terrible weather without any problems. Everything looks like it did on the first day and I'm so happy and proud to be able to represent this fabulous company.